Simon’s World – Part 2

simonHi, Simon here, or Simmonite Grantchester Alfonso the third as I prefer. What a week I’ve had! You would not believe what he did. I was in the main room when in he struggles with; I still can’t believe it, a TREE! He plonks it in the corner and goes out. So what do we in the dog fraternity do when we see a tree? Well pee of course, which I promptly did. My esteem of the pack leader spiralled upwards. To actually bring a tree in the house for me to use was, well, considerate to say the least. No more winter night walks in the cold fantastic.

Unfortunately, my ecstasy did not last long as he came back trailing a lot of wiring with lights on, saw what I had done and went berserk. He sent me out in the garden and shut the door on me. I noticed while out there the cat creature from next door was sat on the woodshed and I swear he was laughing at me as far as these disgusting creatures can laugh. So I could do no more then go for him, but as usual he hightailed it up the wall where he sat looking down on me smirking as I vented my anger by barking at him which caused the boss to come out and tell me off again. Life just ain’t fair!

This tree incident left me dumbfounded, confused, dismayed and made me think that this is another example of how bizarre these man creatures are. I was later told, in no uncertain terms to keep well away from the tree which was now covered in lights and coloured balls and shiny stuff. I was also informed that jumping at the door as the post came through, of which there was a lot, was not the done thing.

A few days later, however, I was treated to a meal which was straight out of doggy heaven which made up for all the angst. It was a strange time though, they all sat around with funny hats on their heads and the boss was getting more and more excited as were his pups. His mate led them into the main room and they all sat around ripping paper off things which they then proceeded to go “oh and ahh” over, very odd. I was suddenly presented with a piece of cloth which was wrapped around me, too hot for indoors but useful out in the cold. I was also given a rubber ring which I pretended was that cat creature next door and attacked with gusto.

Anyway, later that day the boss remembered to take me out, he was staggering a bit and did not seem up to it so I was really glad to get back. A week as gone by and he’s still home, the trees still up and pups are still around and peace and calm has come to the house. I must say I was glad of the rest.

Time for a nap.

To be continued…


About the Author: Roger Spettigue is a retired social worker, whose interests include creative writing, history, art, real ale and travel. He lives in Tavistock with his partner.

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