Simon’s World Part 3

simonHi it’s me again, Alphonso or Simon as he likes to call me. After the crazy time over the festive season I was glad to be taken for a walk without coming back to that ridiculous tree! We went down to the field by the river; it was good to stretch my legs. It being Friday, early evening we ended up in the pub where he usually meets his friend Bill and his Labrador, my mate Ralph. As we settled down at the back of the bar Ralph and I were able to sprawl close to the fire….nice!

“Good to see you Ralph, how’s it going?”

“Well, Simon, sorry Alphonso “said Ralph “The weirdest thing, a few weeks ago during the crazy time they brought a tree into the house and …..

“Don’t bother Ralph been there got the dog coat, glad we’re back to normal, what are they on about tonight can you make it out?”

“I think so” said Ralph listening intently to what drifted down from the table “Sounds like they are talking about something called “earop and breakfast, whatever that is, mine seems to be a remainer and yours a leaver, maybe mine’s going to stay here and yours is going to leave?” said Ralph looking worried “I hope not, I’m nicely settled and it’s too warm here to move just yet! They seem to be getting quite agitated by it though; I hope it’s not going to affect us in any way”

From what I could make out mine seem to think that breakfast was going to be a complete disaster, while Ralph was convinced it would be a great opportunity, their voices were rising with each sip of beer, how they could get so agitated over a meal to start the day with, beats me.

After a while they bought another pint and some crisps, some of which were scattered in our direction…..nice.

“Hey up they seem to have changed the subject!”

“Well; said Ralph what are they on about now?”

“Ahh…something about someone called Thrump who seems to be causing mine a bit of a problem, while yours seems to be quite happy with him.”

“Here do you think this Thrump character is the bloke who we meet in the park with that weedy looking white poodle?” questioned Ralph

“Nah don’t think so, although he seems to wind mine up quite a lot and yours seems to get on well with him. Anyway, they’ve nearly finished their pints so if their true to form we’ll be making a move soon.”

“Just when I fancied a nap“ said Ralph looking a bit disappointed.

They both get up and pull on our leads and headed towards the door.

Just enough time to wish Ralph a good evening as we walk through the door out to the gathering gloom. All I could think about was I hope breakfast won’t be a complete disaster.

To be continued…….


About the Author: Roger Spettigue is a retired social worker, whose interests include creative writing, history, art, real ale and travel. He lives in Tavistock with his partner.

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