sheepstorSheepstor Piskies Cave, Dartmoor

There are many stories about the ‘Piskies’ of Dartmoor, supposedly they existed back in the 1800s in Devonshire (as it was know then). The Pixies ruled the roost for miles around and did not allow anyone else, and particularly the Fairies, to share the space with them. The story goes that there was a terrible war and the Fairies got beaten back, with some dreadful injuries and the Pixies remained as conquerors of the Devonshire land.

There are supposedly many local Pixie sites, one of them being at the southern part of Sheepstor and is quite challenging to find. The Pixies Cave does look like a naturally formed cave, with large overhanging blocks of granite and boulders all around it. If you do manage to find your way there, make sure you take a gift to leave for the pixies, as rumour has it that there are still pixies living in the cave!

Some even go so far as to say that the pixies are the souls of unbaptised children.

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