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The Adventures of RB – A new Arrival in the Family Part 3

All’s well that ended well. After slinking off, RB had had his taste of freedom, he roamed around for a few hours, and then decided to pay his friend Mr Haddon a visit.  After all, it had started to rain and he was becoming a little peckish. Mr Haddon lived down the road, and he didn’t have any of those pesky baby humans in his house, he was a good bet!  RB gently scratched at the front door with his paw, he didn’t want to do any damage or incur any wrath.

“Hello my boy”, what are you doing out at this time of night?  “Couldn’t sleep?” Mr Haddon was a friendly chap, rather elderly, but very kind.  He often slipped RB a biscuit or two when Callie wasn’t looking.  “Come on in then, and let’s get you dry.”

After putting up with a lot of rubbing and drying off, at last he was allowed to eat, drink and curl up by the electric fire.  “There, there, you just lie there and sleep it off, whilst I check on the situation.”

Mr Haddon paid a visit to Callie.  He let her know that RB  was safe and sound with him.  And between them, they decided that perhaps it was a good time for RB to have a bit of a holiday.  That way Callie could settle in with the new baby knowing that RB was safe and sound.

He was there for a few days, but eventually he had to return home.  Things had changed, there was a lot of baby paraphernalia was all over the house. “Such a lot of fuss over nothing,”  he thought to himself.  But he knew where his bread was buttered, he knew his place.  That was with his lovely owner Callie.  He wasn’t going to give up his place in her world, that’s for sure.  He would make sure he was still top dog.

The years passed, the baby grew into a little girl child.  She was always wanting to play with him, but he was having none of it. He let her hold his lead though, when it suited him. They went to the park together most days. At least he still had his walks to look forward to, even though he had to share them with her.

RB still visited his old friend Mr Haddon, there was always a welcome there for him. And life settled down. As long as no more baby humans arrived, things would be ok.

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