Ratty – the Jack Russell that loved the pub!


image credit: Buzzpaws

Gary Kay owned a Jack Russell called Ratty. In 2006, when he was 5 years old, he became famous for hopping on to the local bus to go to the nearest pub. Ratty simply trotted out through the farm gates where he lived and made the trip on the Number 10 bus to the pub. He stayed all day at the pub and was fed sausages by a barmaid.

To start with it was probably just a one off thing. He got on the bus and got off again in York when everyone else got off. But he was made such a fuss of that he obviously liked it at the pub. Someone recognised him and rang his owner who came to pick him up. After that, he regularly got on the bus on his own and always ended up at the same pub, the Black Bull, in Hull Road, North Yorkshire. At the end of their shift, one of the bar staff would drop him home.

His outings came to an end when the pub went upmarket and banned animals from the premises.  But that didn’t stop Ratty. He simply found a new local – the Rose And Crown Pub, in Lawrence Street. Gary believed that Ratty had been getting off the bus at the Black Bull on his own, crossing the road and turning up at the Rose and Crown.

Gary even started to chain him up because, although he could get to the pub on his own he couldn’t get home again. [Which is probably not an uncommon occurrence at any pub]. Ratty had also been seen riding the school bus from time to time.

But there was a sad ending to the story. In 2010 he was hit by a speeding car and was laid to rest on the farm where he had lived.  A sad ending to a wonderful little dog.


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