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Murphy’s Story by Debbie Quinn

Murphy was a gorgeous optimistic puppy at 8 weeks old. I got him to help with my disability, improve mobility and meet new people. Our training went very well at home – he was fearless and tried anything thrown at him. He was brilliant with me and always did what I asked. 

Puppy socialisation classes were also a lot of fun. He was bold and always wanted to be first. After a while, however, I realised Murphy didn’t seem to be enjoying classes as much. The classes were busy and he was often overlooked due to his struggle with impulse control and outside environment. 

At 1 year old, Murphy became ill after eating a peach stone, unbeknown to us. His health deteriorated, as well as his ability to exercise. After many tests and an operation to save his life, Murphy eventually recovered well enough to resume dog training. He excelled at Gun Dog obedience training.

Then we moved to Cornwall. Murphy loved the outdoors and had lots of fun at the beach. Unfortunately his training went out the window as he seemed to be more interested in everyone else instead of us. 

Then we had another health crisis. Murphy started having seizures —Idiopathic EpilepsyHe seemed to change with the diagnosis. We struggled with his reactive behaviour and wondered if we were the right people for him. I grieved over the loss of my bond with him.

It was a long road to get him healthy and stabilised again. After his health improved, we tried other forms of training, but nothing was successful due to Murphy’s barking for attention. 

Fortunately we found Tom and Lauren! Wow! After many lightbulb moments, I suddenly saw Murphy in a new light and understood exactly where we were going wrong. We started following everything they taught – the fun, games and everything. Changes occurred within days. Murphy started responding to me again. Our bond grew from a solid foundation and we both started to enjoy each other with a new confidence. 

We can’t thank Tom and Lauren enough, along with their team, and the online training groups. We continue to learn every day and enjoy chatting to other dog owners, sharing all the fab fun games we play and how it helps.

We know we still have things to improve, but our outlook is very positive and the future looks brilliant!

Love from

Murphy and Debbie Quinn



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