Lassie – the Rescue Dog

lassie plymouth

By Herbythyme (Own work) | GFDL or CC BY-SA 4.0-3.0-2.5-2.0-1.0 | via Wikimedia Commons

Lassie from Plymouth, came from mixed heritage, a bit of this and a bit of that. Some people might even think she was quite ugly. She was black and white, with a roly-poly sausage shape and a small head. Even though she was not the prettiest girl on the block, she made up for it by her fierceness and loyalty. No-one messed with her!

Lassie’s owners, Flo and Callie, loved her dearly, despite her looks. In fact, they thought she was rather pretty.  She could often be seen walking along beside Flo on her shopping expeditions up to the local shops to pick up her daily rations. Or if she was sat in the garden, sunning herself when she watched the passers by. She knew everything that was going on. She didn’t miss a trick!

Callie had moved away by this time, after all she had reached the grand old age of 22, and she had finally left home. But Lassie was to remain, faithful by Flo’s side, taking care of the old lady as best she could.

One day Flo was walking down the stairs in her house, and noticed that the carpet edges were becoming frayed. She picked up a pair of scissors and climbed back up the stairs with the intention of cutting the edges. But as she got to the top of the stairs she felt dizzy, and reached for the handrail, but missed it. She came toppling down the stairs, landing on her back just inside the front door. The scissors that were in her hand got stuck in her head and blood was pouring down her face.

As Flo lay moaning on the floor, Lassie woke up from her slumbers and ran over to see what all the fuss was about. She soon worked it out. Flo was in trouble and needed help. She soon realised that she needed to get someone to sort this out, which meant she needed to get out onto the streets.  But the front door was firmly closed.  What to do?

“Bark, bark, bark,” she went, right in Flo’s ear. “Bark, bark, bark.” After 3 attempts Flo came around, moaning softly to herself.  “Lassie, stop it”, she said. “I can’t take you out, I can’t get up.” Lassie continued to bark, getting louder and louder. By this time Flo realised that Lassie was very anxious and was trying to tell her something. Even though she could not get herself on her feet, she managed to reach the door handle and opened it, with just enough space for Lassie to squeeze through.

Lassie ran and ran. Flo thought she had deserted her. But no, Lassie had a plan. Halfway up the street she came upon Mrs Peamore, an old biddie that lived a few streets away. “Hello Lassie my love,” she said.  “Whatever is wrong with you today?”  But Lassie would not stop barking. Mrs Peamore turned away, intent on going to the shops. But Lassie wasn’t going to let her go.

She bit firmly into Mrs Peamore’s coat and started to drag her backwards towards Flo’s house. “Stop it Lassie, stop it this instant. What do you think you are doing?” Mrs Peamore was becoming quite agitated herself, and feeling very flustered. Lassie’s bite had by now gone through her coat, and had reached right through to her leg.

And then she realised that Lassie was trying to tell her something, trying to get her to come with her. As soon as the realisation struck her, she rushed down the road and up to Flo’s door. Within a few minutes she realised there was something wrong, and called out the ambulance and Flo was rescued.

Some weeks afterwards Lassie was awarded a medal for bravery from the Lady Mayoress of Plymouth. It was a proud moment for them all.

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