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Have you heard about Jay’s Grave on Dartmoor? Well the story goes that Kitty Jay was a young unmarried maid who was betrayed by her lover. In her sadness and desperation she hung herself in the outbuildings of a nearby farm and her body was disposed of. Back in those days, anyone who committed suicide was not allowed to be buried in sacred ground and therefore their spirits were believed to remain on earth. People believed that, if the body was buried at the outer limits of the parish, preferably at a crossroads, the spirit would be unable to find its way back and therefore would not be able to haunt anyone.

Kitty Jay’s body was dug up years later by James Bryan who buried it properly and set up the stones which mark the spot. However, the story goes that Jay’s grave has fresh flowers on it, no matter what time of year you see it.

Whenever you pass Jay’s Grave you will always see fresh flowers on it. No one knows who puts them there, but poor Kitty Jay has been remembered for far longer than the superstitious country folk who buried her.

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Carole Langman

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