Jake’s Story as told by Helen Sampson

Jake's Story

Jake’s Before and After by Helen Sampson

Hello my name is Jake and I am a 4 year old black and white Border Collie. My mum is so very proud of me. We have been on a very exciting journey. I started life skill classes 2 years ago with Devon Dogs.

I was not very well socialised with other dogs but I did have an older sister who is now 13. Although she loves me very much she got fed up with me when I got bigger. I struggled to read the signals she was giving me. I want to play with her but she doesn’t want to know me anymore. My Mum came to realise that I am a Naughty but Nice dog.

When I started my life skills classes I used to pull on the lead and had no connection with my Mum. My Mum had lots of dogs before me but none like me!  I also had a weight problem which she’d never dealt before. So my weight loss journey began. I started off at over 28kg and, although my fluffy coat hid a lot, it could not hide my body shape. Over the months I had to work for my food. But I soon learnt what to do. I went back onto Lesley’s food  from Colimanor, which contained no rubbish or wheat.

My mum did a lot more work with me. She bought me a fun toy from Tug-E-Nuff which was attached to a long whip.  This is my favourite game, I love the fluffy bit on the end it moves so quickly and I have to run really fast to catch it. I am now 20.4kg and have much more energy. I love to train every week in the Masters Agility class; Mum is so much more happier and so am I. You should see me with my head held up high and wagging my fluffy tail.

We seem to get on so much better, and my mum and my sister are so much happier. I hope that you can write to my Mum and let me know about your journey.  This is just a little short story of mine – I have much more to tell…


Jake & Helen

If you have a story about you and your dog that you would like to share, please email contact@devondogs.co.uk.

lauren langman
About the Author: Lauren Langman is responsible for the design and development of all Devon Dogs classes, events and workshops. She competes in Agility at Grade 7, the highest rank of competition in the British agility arena. She regularly competes and wins at top agility events in the UK including Crufts and Olympia, and has represented the UK at World Agility Championship level on many occasions.

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