The Story of Goemagot


Plymouth Hoe | Photo by Mark Murphy | CC BY 3.0

The story goes that a prince named Brutus travelled to Britain and landed on the shores, near Totnes in Devon. When he arrived he realised that this part of the country was awash with giants. Together with his Trojan warriors Brutus fought the giants and killed many of them apart the largest one, Goemagot. This particular giant was saved to be put in battle against one of the chief’s of the Trojan warriors, called Corinæus.

The fight took place on Plymouth Hoe. It was a long and hard fight. Goemagot was enormous and fought to the bitter end, but Corinæus was more skilful. He eventually threw the giant to the ground. Stunned, Goemagot lay still and breathless. Corinæus took the giant upon his shoulders, and ran with him to the shore. At the top of Plymouth Hoe he hurled him down into the sea, where he fell amongst the craggy rocks and was torn to pieces.

There were a few remaining giants and they fled to Dartmoor where they remained untroubled for many years. This legend was very important to the people of Plymouth because two enormous figures were cut into the turf above the entrance to Sutton Pool to commemorate this event.  

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