Fitz’s Well

Have you visited Fitz’s Well on Dartmoor? This particular holy well can be found near Okehampton, although some folk say it is closer to Princetown. Correspondingly, there are two wells: one with the name of Fitz and the other named Fice. It is possible they are one and the same, but no-one is sure exactly.

Fitz's Well

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In this particular story, the lawyer, Sir John Fitz and his wife, both residents of Okehampton Park,  were lost on Dartmoor when the mist came down. The tale tells that they were ‘piskie-led’.  If one walks on the moor at night there is a danger of meeting the ‘little people’.  If you do, you could be put under the spell of being ‘piskie-led’. Furthermore, the victim is enveloped in mist, unable to find their way off the moors.  In order to break the mischievous spell, Sir John Fitz and his good wife turned their coats inside out.

Subsequently, the fog cleared and the Fitz’s found themselves at a spring, from which they thankfully drank. After this frightful event, the Fitzfords erected a cross as a mark of gratitude, together with a simple well house engraved with the initials and year –  I.F. 1568. Fitz’s Well is considered to be a holy well, renowned for its eye cures and visited on Easter morning by youths and maidens.

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