Blunderbus and the Story of Clotted Cream

clotted cream

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Last week I wrote about Brutus and the fight between the giants and the Trojan Warriors on Plymouth Hoe. Well, Brutus, after winning the battle against the giants, became the ruler of the whole land. He called this land Britain.  

After the big fight, one of the giants who fled to Dartmoor was called Blunderbus. His story tells us about an important discovery which benefited all the people of Devon – the story of Clotted Cream.  

Blunderbus had four wives. One of them –his favourite– was called Jennie. She was beautiful and kind, but never learned how to cook. Blunderbus would sit with her for hours, and brought her little presents when he had been away on trips. The other three wives were jealous of Jennie and made life very hard for her.  They gave her all the horrible jobs to do, keeping all of the best ones for themselves. They hoped to drive her away. But she was happy just to be with Blunderbus.

So, they decided to make things as uncomfortable as they could. They burnt all the food, they didn’t wash his clothes. In fact, they didn’t do any housework at all. Blunderbus could not stand it any longer and gave in to their demands and got rid of Jennie. But he could not bear to part with her entirely, so he set her up in a cave on the Cornish cliffs.

Jennie lived there for many years, steadily growing more and more unhappy to be parted from her precious Blunderbus. One evening, late at night, she overheard some Cornish Wreckers plotting to wreck the ships sailing by. She managed to stop them in their tracks by frightening them by setting light to some driftwood on the shore. They came to investigate and were very angry to find out that they had been tricked. They chased after her, but luckily the sailors from the ship had realised what was happening and chased after the wreckers, killing them without mercy.

The captain of the ship was very thankful and asked her what he could do for her in return. Jennie told him about Blunderbus and how unhappy she was to be banned to the caves. The captain listened to her for hours, whilst she told her life story. After thinking long and hard, he gave her a recipe for the most fantastic food – one that would help her to regain the position in the household. He taught her how to make ‘clotted cream’.

Once Blunderbus tasted it, he immediately took her back with him. The other wives were annoyed to start with, but they soon came to love the clotted cream and spent their days, teaching visitors how to make it. To this day, Devon is famous for its Clotted Cream, particularly when added to scones.  Whether you put the jam on first or second, if you visit Devon be sure to taste some.

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