Canelo, the faithful dog from Cadiz


A plaque put up in Canelo’s honor, the faithful dog who waited outside a hospital for 12 years after his beloved owner died.

We all know how loyal our dogs are. It is a well known fact that dogs remain loyal to their owners, and really and truly are a man’s best friend. There are many stories throughout history of dogs famous for being loyal and brave for their owners.

Canelo was one such as this. He was an average sort of dog, and lived with his owner, who was a bit of a recluse. He kept himself to himself and didn’t have many friends or family around him. Every morning they could be seen out walking together, it was a regular thing. But the man was very ill and once a week would visit his local health centre, Puerta del Mar Hospital, for dialysis treatment.

This went on for several years. But one day, during the treatment, something went badly wrong. Unfortunately the medical team could not revive him and the poor man died. Canelo was still there waiting for him though. He stayed, day after day, not leaving his post outside the hospital, waiting for his owner to come out.

The people of the town, realising what had happened, took pity on the dog and took in turns to take him food and water. They realised he would not leave his post, and therefore took the food to him. This went on for twelve more years. Canelo waited for all this time, hoping his owner was going to come out and they could go home together.

But one day, he was killed by a car just outside the hospital and his long wait was over. The town people were so moved by his loyalty and devotion that they put up a plaque in his honour, as well as naming an alleyway after him.

What a brave and loyal dog, and what a heart rendering story. Canelo wasn’t a stray dog, he was everyone’s dog, the dog of Cadiz.

The following video was made in tribute to Canelo:

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