Have you heard about Brandy the female Chihuahua, who is the world’s smallest dog?



Image credits:  Heaven Sent Brandy – the World’s Smallest Dog | blogspot.com

Her full name is Heaven Sent Brandy and she measures just 6 inches from tip of nose to tip of tail. She has been named the world’s smallest dog by the Guinness Book of Records.

Brandy was born in 2003 and weighed only 2 lbs. She could not bark as her lungs were too small. Her owner, Paulette Keller, of Largo, Florida just fell in love with her when she first saw her. Paula said “With a dog like this you have to be careful. She can’t even jump on or off anything because her legs are so tiny.” Her legs are said to be as thin as lolly sticks.

Chihuahua are the world’s smallest dogs. The tiny dogs and other small breeds, such as the pug, shih tzu and pomeranian are currently very popular with celebrities and as a consequence are the subject of controversy. Brandy is the very smallest, but there are other Chihuahuas who are much larger. Some pet Chihuahuas (as opposed to ones bred for showing) are known to have grown to reach 10 lbs in weight!

Brandy has been really popular on TV in the USA.

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