Pomeroy’s Leap – Berry Pomeroy Castle

Berry Pomeroy Castle

Chris Gunns | CC BY-SA 2.0 | Wikimedia

Have you ever visited Berry Pomeroy Castle?  The castle has been the scene of many ghostly sightings and phenomena over the years. Some people say that they have seen strange lights. Others say they have heard voices. It has even been reported that some people experience cold spots and freak winds whilst visiting the ruins. There have been reports of seeing a lady in a grey dress, a man dressed as a Cavalier, and strange shadows with no earthly presence to cast them.

One of the most popular stories relates to the heroic fate of two brothers (the Pomeroys). At some point in our historic past, these brothers were besieged and held up at the castle. In order to save face from a long drawn out defeat, the story goes is that they dressed up in their full armour. They then mounted their horses, and supposedly rode off the top of the castle ramparts and into the precipice below.

From that time onwards the area was known as the Pomeroy’s leap, and is always associated with weird and strange noises such as screams and dull thuds. Whether you experience any of the sensations above, I have no doubt that strange events will continue to be experienced at the castle.  It is well worth the effort of making a trip to see the romantic ruin.

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