Clapper Bridge, Postbridge, DartmoorThe Hairy Hand of Dartmoor: One of the most popular myths and legends about the Dartmoor area is the story known as ‘The Hairy Hand’. There have been numerous sightings, on many different occasions, and all featuring the hairy hand, a gruesome pair of hairy, calloused hands that do their utmost to fight you off the road.

The reportings are mostly in the area that falls between Postbridge and Two Bridges. In many cases, the victims reported that that their vehicle had jolted or swerved violently and steered off the side of the road, as if something had taken hold of the wheels and wrenched it out of their control.

One particular story goes that in June 1921, the medical officer for Dartmoor Prison was killed when he lost control of his motorcycle combination. Two young girls, children of the prison governor, who had been riding in the sidecar, survived.  Several weeks after his death, there was another incident in which a coach driver lost control, injuring several passengers who were thrown out of their seats. Then, in August 1921, an army Captain reported that a pair of invisible hands had taken hold of him and forced his motorcycle off the road.

In another incident, in 1924, a woman camping on the moor with her husband reported seeing a hairy hand attempting to gain access to her caravan during the night. She reported that the hand retreated after she made the sign of the cross.

So what do you think, are these hands something evil and supernatural, or perhaps the ghost of an Dartmoor Prison inmate or some kind of spirit that haunts the moors?

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Carole Langman

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