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Saskia’s NBN Training by Stephanie Bailey

I had a week of NBN dog training in March, at Bowerland – the home of Devon Dogs. I must admit to going with some trepidation. Would my little Minature Schnauzer cope? Would I cope with the training sessions?

Bowerland is no Ordinary Place ?

Well I am pleased to say we both had a great experience. This is no ordinary place. The ethos of optimism and positivity was there in abundance from the amazing trainer Michelle. What I particularly valued was the knowledge and analysis of my dog and taking things at her pace. Saskia certainly found it hard, but it was clear to see improvements by the end of the week. This included being able to ignore people more, as well as walking with 2 dogs on a lead.

The Old Dairy ?

The Old Dairy is a lovely place to enjoy, particularly when the rain was lashing down and the log burner was lit. It was very cosy, warm and welcoming and everything was well-designed and organised. I particularly appreciated the enclosed garden and being able to park the car immediately outside. It was also a handy place for some other walks including one over Dartmoor and for the Waitrose at the nearby petrol station.

I certainly plan to return ?

I certainly plan to return and have seen positive changes in Saskia’s struggles since we were fortunate enough to have our week in at Devon Dogs.

saskiaAbout the Author: My name is Stephanie Bailey. I live in a rural village in the Cotswolds and after 40 years in the health service I am now retired. I am carer for my elderly Mother and grateful to be the human guardian of my special schnauzer. I enjoy music and am currently learning the violin and also improving my Italian. My dream, one day is to get a Motorhome and for Saskia and I to have an extended trip back to Italy, which I love. Meanwhile on with the game-playing, schnauzer-walking and practising calm!

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