Sai Hu the Bodyguard by Chris Green

Sai Hu

Photo by Jiaozuo City Zoo in China

This week we have a TRUE animal story from China about a dog named Sai Hu. Near Zhengzhou in China is a popular zoo called Jiaozou City Zoo, who are fortunate enough to have a money enclosure.

Baby Monkey bullied

A few years ago, some of the keepers at the zoo realised that one of the youngest baby monkeys, who was orphaned, was being severely bullied by other monkeys in the enclosure. In particular, the alpha male seemed to have a particular issue with the baby monkey. Several times the zookeepers were forced to step in and save the poor creature’s life.


One day, however, they had an epiphany – why not give him a bodyguard? They considered a lot of options, but instead decided on a dog named Sai Hu. They placed Sai in the monkey enclosure along with the animals. The idea worked perfectly, as described by one of the zookeepers:

“We decided to put a dog in the monkey cage, hoping he could protect the orphan, and the dog, Sai Hu, does his job very well. Whenever the baby monkey gets bullied, he dashes up and drives the others away. And the baby monkey is also very smart. Each time he smells danger he runs to jump on the dog’s back and holds on tight.”

Since Sai Hu’s introduction, the alpha male monkey has tried on several occasions to organise ambushes against the baby monkey. Thankfully, though, the dog is always there to protect it and drive the attackers away. He’s the best bodyguard any creature could ask for. Sai Hu clearly has lots of bravery and confidence.

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