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Andrea Burden

Rosie by Andrea Burden

Rosie’s Intensive Training Course by Andrea Burden

My husband and I visited Bowerland just before Christmas in December 2018 with our Lab X, Rosie. Rosie had major surgery in July 2018, which resulted in a full hip replacement and an operation to fix a broken leg. Prior to the operation she started to change her behaviour towards both strangers and dogs she had not met before. Previously, she had been a very friendly dog, but was becoming very aggressive by the time she had surgery.

To do anything about this change in behaviour we had to wait for her to have the operation and for her crate confinement to be over.  We had been using a local dog behaviourist once she was able to go on walks of a decent length. Although we were seeing small changes, I was getting frustrated as the weekly sessions just didn’t seem to be enough.

Bowerland and Devon Dogs came up on my Google search ?

One day, after a particularly severe reaction from Rosie to another dog, I started to wonder if there was a doggie boot camp. Bowerland and Devon Dogs came up on my Google search.  After sending an email enquiring on availability, they contacted us to advise that we could travel down to Devon for an intensive course just before Christmas. After checking with my husband, we snapped up the opportunity.

I knew we were in good hands ?

From the initial phone call with Michelle before arrived, I knew we were in good hands. She took lots of detail and was well prepared by the time we arrived for our first session. Over the 10 hours 121 training, we could see Rosie responding to the training day by day, as well as having lots of fun.  We were all thoroughly exhausted after each session. So do be warned, it can be quite intense! Afterwards we got to relax in our cosy, warm cottage. 🙂

The weather was pretty wet that week, so we didn’t do much sightseeing on Dartmoor. 

We have seen excellent results with the training ?

We have seen excellent results with the intensive training. On the way home from Bowerland, we stopped at a favourite pub in East Devon for lunch. Normally we wouldn’t have been able to take Rosie in – too scared what her behaviour might be like.  Armed with the tips from Michelle, however, we were able to relax and enjoy our meal.  And Rosie was well-behaved with the other diners and another dog!

Taking Rosie for a walk is now a pleasure ?

Over the past month since our return, we have continued with the training.  We have seen a much better relationship with Rosie and other dogs and talking her for a walk is now a pleasure rather then something to fear in case we bumped into a dog she didn’t know.

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Rosies Intensive TrainingAbout the Author: We are Andrea and Michael Burdin. Rosie joined us when she was 6 months old from a rescue charity and she has been with us for 4 years.  We live in Hertfordshire and run our business and Rosie is an office dog and has pride of place on our website!  


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