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Resilience – How’s your Inner Strength?

The path you take in life depends on 3 causes (so say the experts)!

  1. How you manage your challenges in life
  2. How you protect your vulnerabilities
  3. How you increase your resources     

And these 3 causes are to be found in the world around you, your body, and your mind.  They are all important, but how you grow resources in your mind has the strongest influence, with the greatest opportunities. You tend to have much more influence over your mind, than over the world you live in, or even your body. You can always count on your inner strength – all you need to do is to learn how to develop and grow this strength.

What doesn’t beat you, makes you stronger! 

As one door closes, another one opens. I love the old sayings, don’t you?  I think they really do guide us through the bad times and help us to reflect on what happens to us all. For example, open doors – new opportunities. What do you do when a new opportunity arises, or an invite or introduction to something new, how do you react?  Is your first thought to refuse, to say no, to hedge your bets? What about saying why not next time, instead of why? Take the bull by the horns!

Develop resilience, and keep on moving on…

There’s no getting away from it, there are numerous misfortunes that come our way in life, but out of sorrow and unhappiness, comes strength.  Yes it can be an awful experience at the time, and hard to accept perhaps.  But if you develop resilience, and keep on moving on, if you learn to take whatever life throws you in your stride, these misfortunes will actually make you stronger, and make you a better person. You will find you are better equipped to deal with knock-backs in life. You end up learning to take more risks, and learn to lighten up.

Have you ever read the book “Don’t sweat the small stuff?” by Richard Carlson,? I read it back in 1997 and totally agreed with the idea that sometimes we allow the little things that bug us to take over our lives.  We give these little things far too much attention. After all, does it really matter that much?  Isn’t it better to just shrug these tiresome little botherations away?  And not get bogged down by the detail, not respond and fight every little fight?  But instead, open up your mind, take risks, jump at new chances, instead of saying no, say yes. Take the risk, see what happens.

Success does not define you; neither does failure

Your success in life doesn’t define the type of person you are, but then again, neither do failures.  But when life really does hit hard, how do you pick yourself up from the floor? How do you cope with the struggles and stresses,? How you cope tells more about the type of person you are and shows how resilient you are. How you get up and move on when times are tough. That is what really makes you who you are. That’s what defines you.  

In order to be more successful you need to prioritise what is important to you rather than putting others’ needs and desires first.  Having a strong sense of self belief, and knowing that whatever you do, it will come out ok really does help.  Difficult times can create success.  But remember to always stay true to yourself – don’t be over sensitive and make sure whatever you do, you do with passion.  Working with others, sharing projects and tasks greatly increase the likelihood of success.  Two heads are better than one – as they say.  And the whole is greater than the sum of its parts,  Aristotle’s wise old saying still rings true today.

Determination and sense of self-worth help in developing resilience

By developing your determination, and your sense of self-worth this will help you become more resilient. And also by being kind (to yourself as well as others)  These will enable you to cope with adversity and get you through the challenges and the difficult times.

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