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Relationship is Everything

The secret to training success is the relationship you have with your dog! Here are our top tips for continuously building and boosting relationship:

1. Be Aware of the Bank Account

Ensure you and your dog are enjoying lots of positive interactions which pay into the bank account, and keep negative interactions (bank account withdrawals) to a minimum.

2. Under Pressure

When you are enjoying a training, game or play session be careful not to add too much pressure into the mix. This can be easily done when we have goals to reach! Its cool that you are keen to nail a certain skill but its just as crucial to add in some easy wins for your dog too.

3. Play a Game for the Sake Of It!

Sometimes our best training sessions with our dogs are those organic, spare of the moment sessions where we simply grab some of our dog’s food or their favourite toy and play a game our dog loves just for the sake of it! There doesn’t always have be an objective to your sessions!

4. Add Some Spice

What we love about the games we teach is how intertwined, connected and complimenting of one another they are. Meaning you can play multiple games one after another, smoothly transitioning between them! This keeps the spark, this ensures things don’t get stale!

5. Just Be

Whether your dog loves to cuddle or prefers to simply be close, cherish and enjoy those moments of peace and nothingness. Take a breath and simply be with your dog. Our lives can be hectic, the days fly by and before you know it another week has rolled to an end. Remembering to simply be present with your dog, not checked out scrolling on the phone or zoned into Netflix, is a wonderful feeling.

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