Due to COVID restrictions, training will mainly be outside. Thank you for your understanding.

quick fire tips

Quick Fire Tips for Lockdown

This week we’ll  be sharing some quick fire tips for you and your dog!

Tip 1 – Video

Do you video your training sessions?  Video is your BIGGEST feedback tool! If you aren’t currently videoing your training sessions, make it happen!

Tip 2 – Think, Plan, Do!

“Think. Plan. Do” Bob Bailey. Do you plan your training sessions? Training plans help to keep you on track, stay focussed and help you to achieve your training goals.

Tip 3 – Make it Short

Training sessions should be short. They should end with your dog wanting more, they should end with a sense of achievement, even if it is the tiniest of successes. Celebrate those wins!

Tip 4  – Seeking the Joy

Training is about seeking the joy in your partnership with your dog. Grow your relationship through fun and games!

Tip 5  – You are never done!

Dog training is a journey, not a destination. But don’t feel overwhelmed with that thought, feel inspired!

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