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port isaac

Photo by Mandy Moss

Circular Walk around Port Isaac and Port Gaverne

Start and finish: St. Endellion Carpark, Port Isaac, Cornwall, PL29 3AB (Maps) Please note that most coastal walks in Cornwall have paths close to unfenced cliffs.

Why not take a short 50 minute drive from us here at Bowerland to take this 3.3. mile walk which starts at the cliff-top car park in Port Isaac and descends to Port Gaverne.  This stunning route then follows the valley behind Port Gaverne and climbs through farmland to the top of the hill where there are excellent views over the valley and Port Gaverne.

The route then descends into the neighbouring valley and crosses Roscarrock Hill, following the coast path around Lobber Point to Port Isaac, with magnificent views of the harbour. The walk returns past Port Isaac harbour and through the village then via the cliffs overlooking Port Isaac.


  • From the car park at Port Isaac, turn left and head down the hill to Port Gaverne to a junction with a lane on the right with a public footpath sign.
  • Turn right down the lane with the public footpath sign, next to the old pilchard cellars, and follow it to a public footpath sign at the end of the tarmac.
  • Continue from the end of the tarmac across the gravel and then bear left down the narrow path to the left of the boulders. Follow this to a junction of paths.
  • Continue on the grassy path ahead towards the wooden railing to reach a waymark at a fork the path.
  • At the fork, turn right and follow the path that climbs up the hill. Follow it to emerge in the corner of a field and cross this to a waymark on the fence ahead.
  • Cross stile beside the waymark then follow the path between the hedge and fence until you reach another stile. 
  • Cross the stile and the one opposite, and continue along the hedge until you reach a stile onto the road. 
  • Cross the stile and turn left onto the road. Follow it around the bend past Trewetha Farm, until you reach a junction to the right just past Trewetha cottage.
  • At the junction, turn right onto the lane marked with the public footpath sign and follow it to the end. 
  • At the end of the lane, take the path ahead and follow it down into the valley to a footbridge over the stream.
  • Cross the footbridge and turn right. Follow the path to a junction by a signpost.
  • At the signpost, turn left towards Tresungers.
  • Follow the path to a waymarked junction of paths just before a stone stile.
  • Turn sharply right at the waymark and follow the path into a field and along the left hedge to reach a gate. 
  • Go through the gate to reach a track.
  • Bear left to follow the track uphill to a cattle grid and gate.
  • Cross the cattle grid or go through the gate and follow the track along the right hedge until you reach a stile in the corner of the field.
  • When you reach the stile on your right, cross it and follow the left hedge and fence to a kissing gate in the corner of the far hedge.
  • Go through the gate onto the lane.
  • Turn left and follow the lane a short distance until you reach a track on the right with a metal gate opposite North Light and The Courtyard.
  • Turn right onto the track, follow it through the metal gate and continue until it ends in a gate into a field. 
  • Go through the gate and follow the right hedge to a pair of gateways in the corner of the field.
  • Go through the gateway on the left and bear left in line with the end of the headland, until you cross the brow of the hill; then head for a gap in the right hedge. 
  • Go through the gap in the hedge and follow the scrub on your left until you reach the coast path.
  • Turn right and follow the coast path towards Port Isaac until you reach a gap in the hedge next to a waymark. 
  • From the waymark, follow the path down into Port Isaac to where it emerges onto a lane.
  • Bear left onto the lane and follow it downhill (past Doc Martin’s house) to a junction at the bottom of the hill.
  • Turn left and follow the main road past the Mote House and the Golden Lion.
  • Continue up the hill past the Old School until you reach Cliff Cottage.
  • Just past Cliff Cottage, turn left onto the coast path and follow it around the headland to the car park overlooking Port Gaverne.

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