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Polperro Harbour

Photo by Chensiyuan| CC BY-SA 4.0 | via Wikimedia Commons

Polperro Village & Harbour Walk
Start & Finish : Polperro Public Car Park, Longcoombe Lane, Polperro, Looe, PL13 2PL (Map)

Why not take this 2.9 mile, moderate walk through the charming village of Polperro to the museum beside the harbour? Then follow the coast path through The Warren. At Roy’s Bench it descends onto Reuben’s Walk and follows the coast past the lighthouse and back into the harbour to the Roman Bridge. The route then winds past the Three Pilchards and Blue Peter to the coast path along Chapel Cliff. This route includes paths that are close to unfenced cliff edges.


  • From the car park, make your way to the roundabout then follow the road down the hill between Crumplehorn Inn and Millys. Continue all the way to the bottom of the hill until you reach a junction marked “Access Only”.
  • When you reach the junction, keep left to reach a fork. Follow the narrow lane to the right signposted to the harbour to reach a bridge on the right.
  • Continue ahead on the narrow lane along the left side of the harbour to reach the museum.
  • Continue ahead from the museum to follow the tarmac path between the cottages and uphill past some benches and a metal cage on the right.
  • Continue uphill to reach the gate for Dinas Bal on the left where a path descends to the right.  
  • Continue ahead on the path uphill until you reach Roy’s Bench on the left with a flight of steps on the right.
  • Go down the steps on the right and follow the path until you reach a rock outcrop overlooking the lighthouse where a path climbs up to the right.
  • Follow the left-hand path to a junction with the path leading down to the lighthouse.
  • Continue ahead from this to pass a sign for Reuben’s Walk and rejoin the coast path.
  • When the path meets the coast path, turn left and follow the path back into Polperro to reach the bridge, then turn left and cross the bridge to the other side of the harbour.
  • On the other side of the bridge, bear left up the alleyway past the Three Pilchards until it ends beside the Blue Peter, then bear right around the Blue Peter to reach a flight of steps marked “To The Cliff”.
  • When you reach the steps marked “To The Cliff”, climb these and follow the arrows to reach a wooden coast path signpost at the top of the steps.
  • Bear left onto the path and follow it to a rock outcrop on the end of a headland with a bench on it.
  • Turn right at the rock outcrop and follow the path a short distance past the information board.
  • Continue past the National Trust Chapel Cliff sign to reach a waymark where the path forks.
  • Bear left at the waymark, to depart from the coast path, then keep ahead on the major path, ignoring any smaller paths off to the left and right.
  • Follow the path until it eventually passes around a rocky outcrop and climbs some steps to rejoin the coast path.
  • Turn right onto the Coast Path and follow it until you reach a junction of paths at a waymark.
    Keep left at the waymark to depart from the coast path and follow the path, keeping left past a steep path descending to the right, to reach a junction of paths in front of a large wall.
  • Just before the wall, turn left to follow the leftmost path uphill.
  • Continue a short distance until a small path departs to the right into the woods.
  • When you reach the path leading down into the woods, bear right onto this and follow it until it joins another path above a flight of steps.
  • Bear left onto the path and follow it to reach a parking area.  
  • Walk through the parking area to a track and follow this until it ends on a road.
  • Turn right onto the road and follow it downhill into Polperro until you reach a junction just before the sign for Lansallos Street.
  • Turn left over the bridge and follow the road on the other side to a junction.
  • Turn left and follow the road up the hill to return to the car park.
  • You can optionally catch the tram to the car park from Fore Street to save walking back up the hill.

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