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Pogo the Caregiver | via Danielle Maley | Caregiver Canines

Pogo the Caregiver

This week’s true dog story features Pogo, a 9 year old scrappy terrier mix. Pogo was found by his current owner, Bonnie Derhay, at a dog park in New Jersey, USA. His previous owner, an elderly lady, told Bonnie that her husband did not like him and so she was planning on abandoning him at the park. Fortunately Bonnie didn’t let that happen and took him home with her instead!

At first Pogo was very frightened

At first Pogo was very frightened and skittish with Bonnie, leading Bonnie to think that he came from a very unhappy household previously and wasn’t being treated very well which made her all the happier to have rescued him. Thankfully, after cleaning her new friend up Bonnie showed him a lot of love and friendliness which helped to ease his nerves and turned him into a very happy dog. As it turned out, he became such a happy and outgoing dog that Bonnie decided to help him become a certified therapy dog and started taking him to classes.

Pogo is now a fully-qualified volunteer for Caregiver Canines

Pogo passed, of course, and is now a fully-qualified volunteer for Caregiver Canines of New Jersey. As part of his new role he regularly visits elderly patients in their own homes, providing fun and happiness to all that he meets. Pogo’s life has gone from being unwanted and near disaster to being happy and having a fantastic impact on others. It just goes to show that every dog has the potential to make a difference in someone else’s life.

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