piddledown common

Stephen Craven | CC BY-SA 2.0 | via Wikimedia Commons

A Winter Walk on Piddledown Common by Chris Green

With Christmas behind us, it’s great to get outside for some fresh air and well-needed exercise! If you’re in the mood for a gentle winter walk then we think you’ll like this one – a 1-mile walk across the common and through Teign Gorge offering some spectacular views.

As usual, the starting point for this walk is a car park – this time you’ll need to head for Castle Drogo’s main car park. Once you’ve parked your car you’ll see some signs for Teign Valley walks that you’ll need to follow. This will take you to the right – just keep following signs to Teign Valley walks, passing through trees. At the end of this passage you’ll reach a more open common – turn left and follow the yellow arrowed route.

As you pass through the common you’ll reach a gate to go through, which leads to a path through some tall gorse (“Gorse Blossom Walk”). Afterwards head downhill to the right, down some steps onto ‘Hunters Path’. Follow this towards the castle, continuing around the hill until you reach another flight of steps to climb.

At the top pass through another gate and bear left towards more steps. This path will eventually lead to a castle drive, from which you need to turn left to reach the car park you started at.

Although the walk is on the shorter side, we think it’s a perfect length for a winter walk.


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