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This week’s true Saturday dog story stars a mongrel dog called Pickles, a hero dog for whom the entire nation is grateful. In 1966 England was hosting the World Cup. Sadly, three months before the event started the World Cup trophy was stolen.

David Corbett was setting off for work as a Thames Lighterman, and had taken his 4 year old mongrel Pickles with him. David had inherited Pickles from his brother because when he was a puppy he had chewed through furniture. As they left their ground-floor flat Pickles immediately began pulling David towards their neighbour’s car. To David’s great surprise, there by the wheel was a tightly-bound package bound in newspaper. Curious, David opened the package to peer inside, and was amazed to discover the missing World Cup trophy!

It turns out that the real thief had left it there during an earlier attempt to negotiate with police, which had failed and ended in his arrest. David immediately reported this to the police and was taken in for questioning himself, with the police eventually believing his story that Pickles had found it.

Understandably, after the news was reported that David and Pickles had found the World Cup their media attention grew worldwide. Pickles appeared on TV shows such as Magpie and Blue Peter, and even had a film made after him – “The Spy with the Cold Nose.” When England eventually won the World Cup, both David and Pickles were invited along the England team’s celebration party.

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