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Pew Tor

Pew Tor (mid-ground) and Brent Tor (background) by NilfanionCC BY-SA 3.0  | via Wikimedia Commons

Pew Tor and Windy Post Cross

This is a fairly easy walk of around 3 miles passing over moorland, two wonderful Dartmoor Tors, and an ancient cross. There are also a couple of streams to cross. Here are driving directions from Bowerland, which takes about 25 minutes.


Park up at the Pork Hill car park and view point, which is on the Tavistock to Princetown road. This is a great place for walking on Dartmoor, for you and your dogs, and for all age groups and abilities.

To start with, make sure you have the car park behind you and walk straight ahead. (Ignore the path that leads diagonally left, as you will return via this path). After nearly half a mile of walking, you will find yourself at the top of a rise with granite wall bordered fields in front of you. Pew Tor is on the horizon.

Follow the path alongside the wall for a short while. Once you leave the wall, the path will split into different directions but just make sure you head for the tor. You will find yourself on different tracks, make sure you cross any streams along the way. The tor is actually a mile and a half from the car park.

Pew Tor

Once you arrive at Pew Tor you can enjoy the views over Tavistock and towards Brentor Church. It is a great spot for photos as well! From Pew Tor you can see Feather Tor, head for there, crossing a stream just in front of the tor on a large rock. Feather Tor is a small tor, but is great for a picnic as it is such a pretty area.

Windy Post Cross

The path goes over the tor on the left. Follow the path until you reach a cross known as Windy Post Cross. This is a very old cross (possibly 16th century) and formerly a marker for the Abbot’s Way – an old track used by monks to cross the moor between Abbeys. You will also see a couple of leats, the Grimstone Leat and the Sortridge Leat. Make sure cross these leats, alternatively you can walk a little further to a stone bridge. Once you are at the stone bridge you will see the path to take, go past the cross, and follow it straight on and back to the car park.

I hope you find these walks helpful. Read more Wednesday Walks HERE. And check out Devon Dogs Calendar of Events HERE.

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