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That’s me in the Old Dairy Garden at Bowerland

Patch & Wendy’s Intensive Training

Hello, my name is Patch and I am a cross between a spaniel, collie and terrier (yes I am a mongrel out of a mongrel and very proud of it). I am four years old and live with Wendy in Herefordshire, which is my fourth home. We have been together for a year now. In the beginning, I was a bit of a Houdini and lunged and barked and operated on high adrenaline. Despite the bumpy start, Wendy wanted to keep me, but knew I was not an easy dog to manage!

I was different

Anyway, Wendy recognised very early that I was very different from all the others dogs she’d had. She needed help this time. I had moved about a bit in my short life, which had made me rather independent and focused on my own agenda!

That’s where Devon Dogs came in

We found Devon Dogs on the internet and followed them on YouTube for a bit. Wendy decided they were perfect for us and booked some training. We chose the Intensive Programme and stayed at The Old Dairy, which is a lovely cottage on site. The fact that the training takes place on site is also a bonus.

Interesting Ideas & Games

Michelle was our trainer and she was full of interesting ideas and games which would help Wendy to help me become more focused on her and less on the environment plus lots of information about the importance of being more flexible physically in order to avoid injury and how to achieve this.

Wonderful Area

SundialWe had plenty of down-time to explore the wonderful area around the site. Each day started and ended with a walk on the moors. The Reservoir was certainly worth a visit. Wendy said that the sun dial was amazing and that the café had a great menu.

I think the best thing about the week was the amount of time Wendy spent with me. Life gets in the way for everyone but this week certainly strengthened our relationship and I am much more focused on her now.

I hope we come back next year

I come when I’m called (well most times anyway) and I am more relaxed in general. We continue to play the games and we have added some new ones to our repertoire. I hope we come back next year.

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PatchAbout Wendy: Over the years I have been without many things but never without a four legged friend! I think the relationship between human and dog is fundamental to our health  and happiness.  For nearly 30 years I was a Paramedic and witnessed first hand the importance of that two-way relationship. Dogs are clever – dogs for the blind; hearing dogs; helping hand dogs; sniffer dogs……. I could go on and on! Our canine friends probably know all your secrets and they are completely discreet and what’s more they don’t gossip nor do they judge and their friendship is lifelong.

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