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Clever Ways to Overcome Problems by Carole Langman

Ok, at this point in January you’ve set your goals, your aims and your ambitions for 2019. What to do next? We’ve already looked at obstacles, and barriers that stand in the way. Hopefully, by reading through the tips last week, you have found some helpful ways in dealing with these roadblocks? And now, for the next step in the process, it might be worth thinking ahead about problems you may encounter along the way. Personal problems perhaps? 

Facing our demons

We all face our own demons. The triggers that pull us down, that feed into our doubts and fears. For me, these normally crop up in the middle of the night, when I just simply can’t get back to sleep, as much as I try. That’s when I worry – when I doubt my plans, my dreams, my ambitions will ever succeed.

I have come up with a few clever tips to help me to overcome problems – why don’t you try them for yourselves? they’ve certainly helped me to move on and get through my barriers, my hold ups!

Clever Tips

  • It is really important to take your time and not just rush headlong, on a whim or idea. Think carefully, make sure you have done your planning and know exactly where you are going, and take small, bite sized steps to achieve your goals. 
  • Practice gratitude, we have so much to feel grateful for. This can sometimes be difficult to identify, for me it is about grasping the feeling of happiness, of contentment. Look around you, step outside, feel the wind on your face, smell the air. And breathe.
  • Let your feelings flow, don’t push them away, don’t squash them, but try instead to understand them. What is the need behind them? What is it that is blocking you?
  • Keep in touch with your close ones, top up with their love and care, don’t estrange yourself just because you may be feeling low. Seek advice and support from people that inspire you.
  • Embrace life as it is now, not as what you would like it to be in the future. You can work towards your dreams and ambitions, whilst at the same time, enjoying what you have right here and now.
  • Keep an active plan going, and track your progress, noting each and every success, no matter how big or small.

Above all, accept both the successes as well as the failures as this is what shapes us, makes us into the people we become. We can learn from every failure, each one will teach us something of value.  A way to do it differently next time perhaps?

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