overcoming obstacles

Overcoming Obstacles by Carole Langman

So, we’ve started the new year with thinking about our aims and ambitions. Hopefully by now you will have had chance to list down the wishes and desires that mean the most to you for 2019.

Now we need to set out a plan of action of how to achieve your goals. Let’s begin that by thinking about the obstacles you are likely to come across in your search for your heart’s desire in 2019. 

Here are my tips to help you get on the right path, think about potential hazards, and get prepared in advance!

  1.  Surround yourself with positive people. If you’re surrounded with positive minded people, you’ll focus more on achieving your dreams even if the going gets tough. On the other hand, if you mix with negative minded people, your mind is likely to be corrupted with negative thoughts, and before you know it you will lose your motivation and determination.
  2. Break your goals into smaller chunks. You can’t do it all in one step.Write down your goals and put them on the wall (somewhere you can see them easily), and meditate on it.
  3. Keep your plans active and up to date. Track your process and seek creative solutions, even if that means changing your thoughts, your plans if necessary.  
  4. Make tenacity, grit and determination your friends! Keep trying even when the going seems tough. Never give up! Don’t get stuck on something that’s not achievable! Make it happen.
  5. Seek advice and support.  You may not be aware of any sticking points.  But by asking for help you can overcome any bad habits you may have got into, or any areas where you are at a stalemate.  It is always good to get advice, but make sure it is from one of your positive friends.
  6. Don’t be afraid to be challenged. Challenges are good for you, don’t see challenges as a personal affront; see it as a stepping stone to your success.
  7. Work smarter, not harder. Achieve one thing at a time, and review your successes. Measure your results and analyse your wins!
  8. Visualise the achievement of your goals. See yourself succeeding. Imagine how it will feel.
  9. Get your problem solving skills finely tuned and don’t let anything stop you, or get in your way.  
  10. Last, but not least, enjoy your successes.


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