Wednesday Walks – Okehampton Town Trail


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This is a delightful little walk around the peaceful town of Okehampton, right on Bowerland Cottages’ doorstep. It’s a lovely place to visit, and this route will guide you past all of the key attractions that the town has to offer.

To start things off head to the Museum of Dartmoor Life. If you wish to head inside you’ll have a chance to discover more about the town and Dartmoor. Once you’re ready to move on, head to the right (when facing the museum), through a car park and turn left. Keep going until you reach the next road junction, turning right into George Street. You will pass the post office on the right hand side – keep going before turning right into Castle Road and pass Brocks Almshouses.

When the road next goes right, instead cross over towards Castle Ham Lodge, which was at one point a workhouse and hospital. Keep going and you will eventually be walking along a nice riverside path. Cross the boardwalk when you are able to, then turn right and cross over the West Ockment River to an area known as ‘Lovers Meet’. Turn left then right through a gate which will take you back to the road. Turn right to reach one of the town’s main attractions – Okehampton Castle.

Once you’ve visited the castle turn around and head back down the road. Turn right just after the postbox to take you to another car park. Take a left and climb the track to reach New Road. This road has some interesting features – such as the Plymouth Inn and the London Inn. Turn right and head towards the bridge – you will see the remains of an old prison from 1963 there.

Heading back to the London Inn, pass the small shop to reach another car park. There is a path the other side that leads to Chapps Wood. On the other side of the wood you’ll reach the main road, where you’ll find an old lodge building that used to be part of Okelands House. Cross over the bridge and head left across some grass to a nice seating area, ideal for picnics. You’ll also be interested to know that this is where two rivers meet – East and West Ockment.

You’ll see another path to follow alongside the river, which takes you to another car park and a footbridge onto North Road. Turn right and continue on until the junction, where you’ll take a right onto Fore Street which is the main shopping area of Okehampton. Cross over the bridge, then cross over the road at the traffic lights which will take you to Bridge House, formally a famous pub.

Walk up to St James Chapel, taking note of the metal pigs outside an antiques shop which are a reminder of the past where pigs were allowed to roam the streets and clear up waste. Continue up the road, heading left after a hardware store onto Kempley Road. At the next junction head over the road and into Simmon Park. As you walk through the park you’ll reach a right turning which will take you back the post office at the start of the walk.

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Chris Green

About the Author: Chris Green works in the office at Bowerland Cottage Holidays and Devon Dogs, using his technical expertise to assist wherever needed. In his spare time he likes playing guitar and bass, and hiking around Dartmoor.

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