Do you own a Naughty But Nice Dog?

naughty but nice

Image credit: Devon Dogs

Devon Dogs launched their Naughty But Nice training events in 2015, after realising there weren’t any classes designed specifically to help owners with challenging dogs. These are dogs who need to overcome situations they find stressful, which send them (and their owners) into a panic. Maybe they just find things to be scary or too exciting.

The title, ‘Naughty But Nice’ was born out of a braining storming session with the team, as its really does sum these types of dog up! If this term is new to you, a Naughty But Nice dog is often misunderstood. They have their challenges, some will say they have issues. They might not like certain situations, people or other dogs. They are often unconfident but can sometimes come across as ‘confident’ as they tend to shout lots and lunge towards whatever it is that they are troubled by.

The owner finds it often stressful, being branded ‘that person who owns that nuisance dog’. It can be isolating owning one, and like so many of our students who have already sought our help, it can get so bad you are at a loss as to what to do. Owners find themselves avoiding situations and becoming isolated all together, walking their dogs in the dead of the night when things are quiet for example. It can become quite a planned operation to exercise a Naughty But Nice dog.

With careful thought and consideration, Devon Dogs came up with a whole host of training opportunities to help owners who are in need of tackling the issues they face. If you own a Naughty But Nice dog we can help! From Naughty But Nice workshop days to training camps, from 121 training packages to tailor made Training Holidays at Bowerland Holiday Cottages. We have something for everyone!

Owning a Naughty But Nice dog is sometimes tough, some days you feel like crying, some days you feel like throwing in the towel. Don’t!! With our help we can help to put plans in place to turn things around.

Visit email or call 07717 696623. Our team are ready to help you.

kelly-murrellAbout the Author: Kelly Murrell helps out with some of the work in the office at Devon Dogs, particularly with marketing and advertising. She used to work in the office at East Bowerland Farm, but recently moved to Vancouver Island, Canada with her husband. She is an avid dog trainer and regularly posts dog training tips for Devon Dogs, Bowerland and Progressive Paws.

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