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Nanook “Nookie” Swift rescued a Deaf Hiker

Nanook, was in the news last year after he saved a deaf hiker’s life. He is a typical husky who loves attention and play fighting with his brother. He is. however, always restless and constantly looking for his next adventure. His owner, Scott Swift, lets him go and have his adventures on his own whenever he feels the need.

A Tennessee student, Amelia Milling, had been hiking on a trail and unfortunately slipped and fell 600 feet down a snow-covered mountain. Luckily for her, Nanook had been on one of his adventures at the time and happened to appear out of nowhere in front of Amelia. With Nanook as a guide, Amelia was able to follow him back to the trail. However, he didn’t just leave Amelia there; he stayed by her side for many miles and even jumped into a river to drag her to safety when she slipped.

Eventually Amelia was able to request help before making camp and climbing into her sleeping bag to await rescue. Nanook stayed by her side and calmed her as she waited. As Amelia is deaf, she didn’t hear the helicopter approaching, and was reliant upon Nanook to let her know he had spotted it.

A truly heroic dog!

After Amelia’s rescue, Nanook returned to Scott, who wasn’t the least bit surprised to hear about it. Scott claimed his dog has a sixth sense when it came to rescuing people. Nanook reportedly completes the 24-mile Crow Pass trail with strangers about 10 times a year. In fact, after hearing about Amelia’s rescue, other hikers also came forward saying he had rescued them too. Scott has also engraved a message onto his collar so that his future companions know he is there to help and guide them.

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