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Nala the Staffordshire Bull Terrier from Blackpool


PC Martyn Tulk, pictured with owner Adrian Gleadhill – Photo by: Kent Police

Nala was taken from her Blackpool home in 2014! The police were informed, but the culprits were never caught. Instead Nala was sold to another family who had no idea that she had been stolen.

From Blackpool to Kent

The new owners moved hundreds of miles south to Kent, which was seven and a half hours away from Nala’s original home. After a routine check up at the vets Nala’s true origins came out! When the microchip was discovered, and they read the information from the device, they realised that she must have been stolen from her original home in Blackpool.  

PC Martyn Tulk at Kent Police then contacted Lancashire police to ensure the terrier was returned to her rightful owners.

PC Martyn Tulk said “After being away for so long it was great to see the recognition Nala had for her family.

This just goes to show just how important microchipping your pets is, Nala would never of go home without it. Here at Devon Dogs we are advocates of microchipping and feel it should be strongly supported. We wouldn’t want any of our clients to go through the same thing. 


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