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Photo by Mel Taylor

Moving the Goalposts in your Puppy Training

When your puppy is out exploring the world, enjoying new experiences, it’s important to view this as a training opportunity. My question to you is: how would you like your puppy to behave in these situations when they have grown up?

That’s why it is important to keep moving the goalposts as our puppies mature

You see, the mistake that is sometimes made is when we allow puppies to get away with things. Then our expectations and rules drastically alter when they’re grown up. “You’ve grown up now, so you shouldn’t act like that!” “You’re an adult now, you should know better!” But if we haven’t taken the time to train these skills from the start, it leads to a confused and frustrated dog.

Consistency is key! Start as you mean to go on!

So instead, set your puppy up for success! Train them with the expectations of how you would like them to behave when they are an adult.

Working on key concepts

Working on key concepts such as focus, impulse control, calmness and building a phenomenal relationship with you will help you to develop your puppy into a well-mannered canine good citizen that you can be proud of.

All of these will help you to develop your puppy into a well-mannered good canine citizen that you can be enormously proud of. Check out more of our Thursday Training Tips HERE. And see our Events calendar HERE.

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