How does your day start? Do you start each day with a clean slate ready to face whatever challenges arise? Is your mind clear and focused? If you’re like me, you hurtle out of bed with your mind on a million things, trip over the cat or dog – and sometimes even both of them – all whilst trying to make breakfast, answering the phone and seeing who is at the door. And all of this before 9.00 am!

Having said that, everything is now beginning to change in my life. For starters I make a conscious effort to take part in a mindfulness programme, beginning each day with a short meditation. I really do try to squeeze it in and notice the difference if I don’t!

I’m also looking inwards and learning to focus on myself and my life. One way I do this is by not to worrying or fretting about others. I begin each day with a period of calm meditation. I’m able to remember this calmness throughout the day, and bring my mind back to it when I find myself reverting back to my old hectic ways.

I highly recommend any practice of mindfulness – perhaps a morning routine to balance the mind, focus and create a positive frame of mind for the day. As Heartmath says, “Self-care isn’t selfish, it’s essential for our resilience.”

“Increasing the awareness of our mental and emotional expenditures is an important approach towards self-care. As we learn to economize our personal energy we’re also building our resilience reservoir. This allows for more energy to go towards enriching our life experience, deepening our heart connections and cultivating our highest potential.” Excerpt from Heartmath article

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About the Author: Carole Langman works behind the scenes at Bowerland Cottage Holidays and Devon Dogs as the Business Manager. Her office is always a hive of activity, and with the vast amounts of work Carole has, we never really know how she gets through it all! To unwind, she loves gardening, hikes around Bowerland, travelling and writing.

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