Invest in the Bank of You!

invest in yourself

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Invest in yourself, you are most important! First and foremost – before anyone else.  Notice how each and every day brings a new opportunity to grow and develop yourself. Just remember to grab each day as it comes, each new opportunity as it arises. After all, you are worth it.

We are each of us responsible for our own lives. Don’t forget that – and don’t hold anyone else responsible. Even if you have experienced times that have made you doubt yourself, or not value yourself. Healing the wounds of your past life is one of the most important things you can do for yourself.

Give yourself the love, the time, the appreciation the attention that you didn’t receive in your youth.  Don’t let unconscious feelings of unworthiness blot everything you do or don’t do. Face each one as a challenge – set yourself targets and stick to them.

If you find it hard to heal yourself, start by loving yourself.  If you can only manage to do that, it is a start.  You won’t be able to offer the same to others.  Look inwards first, not outwards.  Look to yourself.  Love and admire all that you have achieved. Acknowledge the small baby steps as well as the giant strides. Keep moving on.

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About the Author: Carole Langman works behind the scenes at Bowerland Cottage Holidays and Devon Dogs as the Business Manager. Her office is always a hive of activity, and with the vast amounts of work Carole has, we never really know how she gets through it all! To unwind, she loves gardening, hikes around Bowerland, travelling and writing.

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