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Hello, Meriadoc here … 

Have you noticed that our human pets think us unable to read? I have just noticed that my she-human pet has described me as “Stoical, steadfast, stubborn but loyal to a fault and forgiving.”  Hmmm, I’ll ponder on that another day; right now it is what was described as my grudging tolerance of my more adventurous and challenging family member, Darcy, that I want to talk to you about.

Yes he was annoying and at times embarrassing and I wasn’t sure how to play with him – especially when he was in a dervish mood. But I guess that it wasn’t his fault really, he was just frightened for much of the time. He didn’t know how to be calm and I didn’t know how to help him.

He got scared on town pavements or places with too much noise and too many human legs. Some times he even got me in a tiz and we both ended up barking even though we didn’t really know why. I guess I thought that if I barked he might feel safer – but it never worked.


The Old Dairy at Bowerland

I am very glad that my she-human pet began to take Darcy to Devon so he could meet other dogs who were struggling like he was. Those visits, especially the NBN Camps, helped so much that he was beginning to be less frightened though he got more mischievous (which made my she-human pet laugh). I was happier, too, that the NBN adventures were helping to train my she-human pet to be calmer and she learnt to listen to me much more.

That is how I first came to visit the Okehampton part of Devon. Whilst Darcy and she-human went NBNing I took my he-human pet off on walks from Bowerland and showed him how to explore the sniffs around Meldon Reservoir. I even took him on a very long walk on the Granite Way – we walked from Bowerland all the way to Lydford and back again and I was very glad of the big cosy dog bed at Bowerland that night I can tell you. On another visit, we went to Roadford Lake on a very hot day, the human pets sat in the shade and had lots of tasty looking food. After a sniff-walk, Darcy and I went swimming. It was quite muddy and we all know how lovely and cooling it is in the mud.

I think that Darcy would have loved to come back to Devon where he found out that he wasn’t the only frightened dog in the world but we have had to move here without him. I shall miss him on the explorings I’m going to have but I shall make sure I take the human pets out on lots of walks and adventures so that they aren’t too sad.


Meriadoc Brandybuck-Meggs
Devon, England, 10th August 2017

meriadocAbout the Author: Meriadoc Brandybuck-Meggs is a Dorset born and bred gentleman recently migrated to Devon. In his maturing 12 years he has accrued a wealth of insight and knowledge about how to train human pets. He loves the outdoors, especially when there is natural, cooling, (preferably muddy) water.


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