In Memory of Meriadoc Brandybuck-Meggs (2005 – 2017)


Image credit: Sarah Meggs

Hi Meriadoc here. I haven’t been feeling so good of late and so I have no adventures to report. But feeling poorly has given me time to reminisce. I have sat with my she human pet and looked at old photographs and, even if I say so myself, I was a handsome chap in my younger days. When my she human pet first brought me home I was very little, I could, and often did, sit in a plant pot. And my he human pet used to put me in a bag that he carried on his back when my legs got too tired.

Once I fell asleep while I was being cuddled outside while my she human pet was doing something called shopping. I had more human pets then. There were three she humans all together -they all would go and do this ‘shopping’ and I could often be found outside keeping my he human pet company. He used to say it was his job to wait with me but I think that he liked spending time with me watching the world go by instead of ‘shopping’.

My she human pet used to spend a lot of time reading bundles of paper called books. She always wanted to do what was right to make me a happier dog but, I’m afraid that I have to say she wasn’t always very good at listening to me telling her things. And she did get some funny ideas from her books and the moving pictures she used to watch. Thank goodness she is much better nowadays and really pays attention quite well – most of the time anyway.

I recently got a new little brother. He’s really quite annoying but, as he’s here, I do try and take my share of the responsibility. I make sure to let my human pets know when the little’un needs to go to the garden. They don’t always understand. Sigh! And then there’s a puddle on the floor. I’m pleased to say they do always apologise for not listening to me. Mind you, my she human pet was a bit rude when I tried to tell her that little’un should be put in his small crate the other day. She laughed at me and I was quite offended.

We have had fun though, I used to like it when we went to big places with lots of dogs. We would stand in a line for a bit and then run around a bit. My she human pointed and shouted and got all out of breath and I just did what I thought was best. I particularly like running through the tunnels and sometimes I think it’s the right thing to do and sometimes it isn’t. But, it was always a lot of fun and I always got treats and cuddles. My she human laughed a lot and sometimes we would sit together on the grass and watch other dogs run around things too. Just my she human pet and me.

My he human pet and I had our special times too. I’ve told you about that before. He used to put a bag of things on his back and we would walk, just walk. Well, apart from the stopping for photographing when it was my job to check the ground for sniffs and look after the big bag that he would carry on his back. The big bag was quite important, it had water and treats and we would often stop for a snack and then we would carry on walking.

Anyway, back to my reminiscences. My she human pet has been looking at photographs and thinking about my favourite things. It’s for something called a ‘bucket list’ and apparently it means I get to eat and do the things I love the best. Steak dinner was mentioned, king prawns with yoghurt, sleeping on the bed, cuddles and maybe when I feel up to it, a visit to the beach.

In the meantime, I get a new tennis ball every day. I like tennis balls. Almost as much as food. On my 11th birthday my she human pet gave me one hundred and eleven new tennis balls. I didn’t count them, but that is how many she said there were. I was very pleased and sat staring at them but, my word, they smelt ever such a lot and made my brain very tired. So I think just one brand new ball every day is a very nice treat indeed.

dartmoorAbout the Author: Meriadoc Brandybuck-Meggs (2005 – 2017) was a Dorset born and bred gentleman recently migrated to Devon. A dog of few words but a lot of heart, in his 12 years he accrued a wealth of insight and knowledge about his human pets and always tried hard to help them understand.

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