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Mendo the German Shepherd

The Draper City Fire Department, USA, was called out in the middle of the night to help tackle a huge fire. Firefighter Patrick Cullen was a member of the team working on that evening, with his job being ensuring the pump on the fire engine ran efficiently.

Mendocino Fire

Out of nowhere Patrick suddenly heard a noise from the darkness. Fearing the worst, such as a mountain lion, he braced himself for the impeding danger. To his surprise (and relief) out of the shadows came a friendly German Shepherd. Patrick noticed immediately the dog looked tired and had been outside for some time. Seeing how weak and thirsty he looked, Patrick kindly gave him a big bowl of water, which he gratefully gulped down. Afterwards, the dog lay down underneath the fire engine and slept safely for 3 hours.

Patrick and the other firefights nicknamed the dog ‘Mendo’ after the name of the location they found him at, the Mendocino Complex. Patrick took him to a nearby animal shelter and left his number with them, telling them that if no-one came forward for him he would love to adopt him.

Silver Lining

A few days later the shelter got in touch with Patrick to let him know that no-one had called them and that Mendo could come home with him. When Patrick went to pick him up, Mendo recognised him straight away. Patrick and the other firefighters consider Mendo a silver lining to an otherwise tragic incident, where another member of the fire department lost their life to the blaze.

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