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Meaningful Ways to Reclaim Your Calm!

Are you constantly busy? Do you have massive to-do lists? Are you feeling overwhelmed and a bit out of control? At times like this we need to find ways in which to reclaim our calm, take stock and re-assess our lives.  Sometimes we don’t have a lot of choice; unexpected emergencies or crisis occur which throw us off our set path, and make mincemeat of our plans. For example, uncertainty about the future causes a high rate of stress, and that is a situation many of us now find ourselves in. And change is all around us with no clear plan or pathways to the long term future for any of us.

A New Plan

Rather than panicking or floundering, and becoming even more stressed, one way of looking at this particular scenario is to think about it as an excellent learning opportunity. Because this is a situation that affects many of us right across the whole of the world, let’s think of ways in which we can all find new paths, explore new thoughts and ideas, and come up with a different life plan that suits us now. 

Nurturing Place

To start with you need to dig deep down and try to find a nurturing place within, which will help to give you a sense of balance in your everyday routines. This could be a memory of a place, a person, an experience. It could also be something you have visualised – a special place of your imagination somewhere in your dreams.  Then, see below my top tips to help you to reclaim your calm:

  1. Take deep breaths – long, deep, calming breaths at different stages throughout the day
  2. Find a relaxing technique that works for you – i.e. soaking in a warm, scented bath, or listening to soothing music, or meditating, or even better, all 3 perhaps?
  3. Set aside a designated time to ponder about any concerns or problems that are immediately facing you
  4. Write your problems down. Writing about difficult emotions can be really beneficial. Set aside a fixed amount of time, every day, and write down how you feel about the particular difficulties facing you
  5. Visualise yourself calm. Imagine your body relaxed, and see yourself working through a particular problem or stressful situation by staying calm and focused
  6. Change your focus

It’s ok to let go…

And finally, take good care of yourself. Stop multi-tasking, it’s ok to let go from time to time. After all, you don’t have to be the best at everything, and life doesn’t have to be perfect, just good enough. Focus on the things that you can control, rather than worrying about things you can’t.

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