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Meaningful New Ways to find Joy

As we are slowly emerging out of lockdown, we are all looking for ways in which to lessen our fears, and replace them with something much more positive.  We want to open ourselves up to fulfilment and joy in our lives.  Many of life’s normal pleasures have been taken away from us over the last few months and we have had to find new ways in which to gain contentment.  We have appreciated our friends, our family, spending time at home, and of course, the wonderful natural world all around us that we have had more time than usual to enjoy. 

But in order to move forward and re-discover a new way of being, we first of all have to tackle our fears. Fear is the biggest block to truly being ourselves and sometimes holds us back from truly living our best lives. By facing up to our fears and recognising our negative emotions, we can act with reason, common sense, and start again in this brave new world.  Most of the time, fear is in our own mind and it is how we choose to react, rather than letting fear hold us back.

Here are my tips to finding joy and reducing your fears:

  • Laughter – if you can find something to laugh at every day you will discover a great way to release tension, and to find relaxation in the face of fear or uncertainty.
  • A sense of purpose – we all need a sense of purpose, to help to keep us focused, to direct our attention and to create meaning in our lives.
  • Ask for help when you need it, from your friends, your family, make sure you keep connected and linked in with others.
  • Make sure you do things that you enjoy doing, and not just chores and tasks that you feel you have to do. 
  • Re-discover old passions, allow yourself to dabble, to lose yourself in enjoyment and fun.
  • Keep positive – every time a negative thought pops into your mind, change your mindset, and instead fill your thoughts with gratitude and joy.
  • Visualise your dream, and let your dreams motivate you into taking the first steps to achieve them.

Above all, live in the here and now. Don’t just wait for the right time to come, but live life to the full each day. Enjoy whatever makes you happy, whatever makes you feel good!

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