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Meaningful Ways to help you with making Decisions

It is strange but the more choices you have to make during each and every day, the more difficult it can be to reach any decisions. And the more decisions you have to make, it gets harder and harder to do so.  Sometimes you reach the end of the day and can’t even decide what to eat for your evening meal, or what programme to watch on the TV.  At that point you have reached decision fatigue!

Decision Fatigue

No matter how good you are at making decisions, there is always a price to pay.  The amount of decisions you make have an effect on your body, as well as on your mind. You may not be consciously aware of the build up, but it is there.  A type of fatigue, that drags down your mental energy.

There is a knack to learning which decisions are important to make right now, and which ones you can leave till later, or even not to make them at all.  It is more important to concentrate on preserving your energy and this is something that we all need to work on, as it doesn’t come naturally to most of us.

Here are my top tips to help you to manage your Decisions

  1. First of all give yourself time to really reflect on your personal goals at this specific point in your life.  It is helpful if you have already prepared your goals and have them set out in writing. As well as having considered the ways in which you want to accomplish these goals. Once you have done this, it will be easier to think about how relevant any daily decisions that you make relates to your goals. 
  2. On a regular basis, and at the beginning of the day if possible, think about the relevance of the decisions you need to make for that day and make the important decisions first. 
  3. Consider all the options and go with your gut feeling.
  4. It also helps to plan in advance for any decisions, even the simple things like what to wear that day, what meals to eat, and how you want to spend any free time.
  5. Think about all the choices facing you, and seriously consider whether or not you really do have to make your mind up there and then.  Is it possible to delegate any of the decisions? Rather than you choose the meals, the time off, perhaps ask your family, your friends, or your colleagues to make some of these decisions. Delegating can empower other people and show them how much you value their choices.

Streamline your Choices

All in all, streamline your choices, make life easier for yourself, and don’t sweat the small stuff. One lesson I have learnt is to make the regular daily decisions all in one go.  For example, I set up a weekly plan for meals so that I don’t have to think about it each and every day. It also helps to think about what clothes you want to wear the evening before as you can get them out and ready for the morning when you may not have as much time.  And finally, think about how you want to spend your down time, and if you do this in advance you will find you actually do more, rather than just slump in front of the tv at the end of the day. Now, with all this extra planning to do, does that mean I can buy another planner?  What colour shall I choose this time?  

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