Mayor Maximus

Image via Mayor Max’s Facebook page 🙂

Mayor Maximus

This week we have a simply brilliant true dog story to bring you about a Golden Retriever named Maximus that we absolutely love!!

A town named Idyllwild in California, USA has this week taken a bold decision when electing their new mayor. Opting for the candidate that they feel will show the most loyalty to the town’s citizens, they have chosen to appoint Maximus as their new mayor!

The new mayor’s official title is “Maximus Mighty Dog Mueller II”. You may have noticed the “II” on the end – he did indeed have a predecessor, Mayor Max I, who served in the office from 2012.

The residents from Idyllwild couldn’t be happier with their new mayor – even raising enough cash to provide a customised cruiser car for their new mayor to perform his duties around town. Whilst on duty Maximus wears his mayor outfit – including a smart tie to show he means business!

You might be wondering what could make this story even better? Well, the town’s new mayor has two doggy deputies to help him with his responsibilities – Deputy Mikey and Deputy Mitzi, who each have their own outfits too. Part of Maximus’ role is to make public appearances on important occasions – he can often be seen as ribbon cuttings, public events and posing for photos whilst wearing his formal tie.

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