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Max the Pub Dog


Max ordering pints at the bar – photo by Martin Pawley (SWNS)

For this week’s TRUE Saturday animal story we would like to introduce you to a Black Labrador named Max with a very useful skill. Max, also known as the ‘pub dog’ in his local pub, lives with his owner Graham in Oldham. Footage emerged this week of him at the Snipe pub in the centre of Oldham, taken by a friend of Graham’s named Martin Pawley.

At the start of the video Graham can be heard saying to his dog: “Are you going to get the drinks in?” As the footage continues, seemingly having agreed to his owner’s request, Max patiently waits for Graham to hand him the money. Once he has been handed the cash he immediately heads to the bar holding the notes in his mouth.

At the bar he waits for the bar lady’s attention, standing on his back legs with his front paws resting on top. Once he has been served his owner’s pint, he then waits patiently for his change, which Graham then takes off him. Although this is a fun party trick for Graham and Max to show off, it shows you just what kind of potential there is for training your own dog.

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