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Marti, estimated to be about 10 years old, is a rescue dog in America. Sadly, many years ago she was placed in an orphanage when her family no longer wanted her.

Thankfully for her, William Berloni of William Berloni Theatrical Animals spotted her and decided to help her, pairing her with actor/trainer Brian Hoffman. Brian explained that William always prefers to find a dog in need of rescuing when looking for animals for the theatre as he feels they’re so grateful as they know they’re getting a second chance in life.

Brian immediately began training Marti in preparation for movies, working on building up the trust between them and teaching her the necessary commands she would need. She successfully made her big screen debut in the 2014 movie ‘Annie’ which also featured Jamie Foxx and Cameron Diaz.

With her first movie out of the way, Marti is now set to take up the same role within a stage production of Annie. In preparation for this, Brian has been helping to build up the bond between her and the main actor in the production, Vivian Poe.

We all hope her theatre debut goes as well as her movie career! If you’d like to work on building up your trust between you and your dog, just like Marti and Brian, Devon Dogs can help. Give us a call on 07717 696623 today!

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