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The Story of Capitan – proving that dogs really are Man’s Best Friend!!

Miguel Guzman died on ​March 24​ 2006 in ​Villa Carlos Paz Cordoba​ ​Argentina. ​His loyal companion Capitan had an unbreakable bond with his owner.

Capitan was eventually found lying in the cemetery

After a few days of trying to find his missing owner Capitan was eventually found lying in the cemetery next to Mr Guzman’s resting place.​ Capitan was reportedly ​looked after by staff at the cemetery. Although he sometimes returned to his previous home for visits, he always came back to the cemetery to sleep by the grave of his owner. Amazingly Capitan had never ever been to the cemetery before

Capitan was originally brought for Mr Guzman’s 13 yr old son in 2005

He had never accompanied the family to the cemetery and it was quite a way from there house. So they were quite astonished that for all that time he made his own way there. What made this so remarkable was that Mr Guzman died in hospital, and his body then had to be transported to the funeral home miles away from where he had lived!

Unbreakable Bond

The first time Capitan arrived alone, he did some roaming around the tombstones until he found his masters grave – all on his own.
Every single day since at 6pm Capitan visits his old masters grave and has done for 6 years!! This just goes to show that the bond between dog and human is so strong it is nearly unbreakable.

After 11 years sleeping at the cemetery, the beautiful, faithful Capitan died beside Mr Guzman’s grave in the Municipal Cemetery of Villa Carlos Paz, at the age of 15.

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