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Everything is a wonder to a puppy ~ Photo by Mel Taylor

Management is Part of Puppy Training

Puppies are like little sponges, they are ready to soak up learning and new experiences. They are very inquisitive and everything to them is a wonder. Every minute your puppy is awake they are making choices. So to help your puppy make appropriate choices and set them up for success by managing their environment. 

Puppy Proof

As part of their development, puppies will use their mouths to explore, so keep things out of reach that aren’t appropriate. Leaving them unsupervised with unrestricted access to things isn’t safe. So puppy-proof a room and use a puppy pen or crate when you have to leave them home alone. If your puppy happens to like chewing your favourite pair of designer shoes while you are out, you can’t be mad at them when you return! 


As you know, actively training your puppy is super important, as you want to reward good choices and appropriate behaviours. But don’t forget that managing the your puppy’s environment is also training. 

  • Less choice = less opportunity to make the wrong choice. 
  • Less opportunity to make the wrong choice=less chance of rehearsal of inappropriate behaviours. 

Minimising rehearsal of inappropriate behaviours is key. The more your puppy rehearses something you don’t find appropriate, the better they’ll get at it and the more rewarding it will become for them! 

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