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christmas snuffle mat

Making a Christmas Snuffle Mat

Rather than purchase a ready-made snuffle mat, you can make your very own easily and cheaply. It’s a great project for a Sunday afternoon in front of the TV.  And it will also make a great Christmas prezzy for your beloved canine companions. Let us know how your dogs like it! 

A snuffle mat encourages your dog’s natural foraging skills. It is a great way of feeding your dog and turns meal-time into an opportunity for learning and play! Dogs love being given an opportunity to play scenting games.

The whole idea of a snuffle mat is that your dog takes time hunting for their food, just as they would in Nature. This can definitely assist some dogs who seem to inhale their dinner plus it’s good for growing calmness.

To make a snuffle mat you will need:

  • a rubber mat with holes (like an outdoor mat)
  • polar fleece (or old dog blankets)
  • sharp scissors.


  1. Cut the fleece into strips approx. 2 cm and 20cm long
  2. Loop a piece of the fleece through two holes and tie in a note.
  3. Repeat this process until the whole mat is covered.
  4. Then simply scatter food over the mat and let your dog hunt for their dinner!

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